Workspace Design for Offices

Your company may be moving, expanding, or needing to make current workspaces function in a better office layout for your employees. Or you may be buying new or used furniture, wanting to reconfigure what you already have, or a combination of both.

Regardless, the design team at Workspace Innovations can help you create workspace design plans that will maximize your space and the functionality of your furniture investment.

  • We can analyze your current environment to optimize space, flow, and furniture, or configure an entirely new space for you.
  • For systems furniture (cubicles, modular furniture, etc.), we can create 2D and 3D plans using GIZA CAD software.
  • For standard office furniture, we will design the most efficient layouts for best use of space and optimization of employee usage.
  • We can help you integrate new or used furniture with existing pieces to create comfortable, efficient workspaces for your employees.

In the end, we will develop a complete blueprint of workspace layouts that efficiently incorporate all furniture pieces so the installation team will know exactly what goes where.