Workspace management is a never-ending process. It can impact your furniture purchasing decisions, efficient workspace layout and design, furniture reconfiguration and installation, and moving/storing of your excess inventory. Workspace Innovations can take care of it all, and our Asset and Inventory Management system gives you more control over your inventory than ever.

Workspace Innovations provides everything related to workspaces:

Why workspace innovations...

With Workspace Innovations, you’ll get the benefits of:

Asset Inventory Management

  • One contact for all things related to workspaces
  • An efficient workspace orchestration process ideal for managing workspaces
  • Environmentally friendly packing solutions featuring reusable E-Bins that save time (no boxes to break down after the move) and safely move and store their contents
  • Certified furniture systems designers and installers with extensive product knowledge
  • An innovative, responsive company with the equipment and capabilities to orchestrate projects of all sizes
  • A professional, conscientious, knowledgeable staff focused on exceeding your expectations

At Workspace Innovations,
we manage all things related to an office workspace environment, including moving and storing, tracking, and installing office furniture and systems, as well as selling new and used office furniture and systems Asset and Inventory Trackingand designing functional layouts. When it comes to workspaces, we do it all, we do it better, and we do it for less. Track what you own and where it’s located with AIM, our Asset and Inventory Management powered by Windfall.