Project Profile: Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

Project Profile: Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
Project Profile: Cheyenne Regional Medical Center | Workspace Innovations

Workspace Innovations was contacted by Cheyenne Regional Medical Center (CRMC) in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with a project involving several difficult factors. CRMC was in the process of moving their Finance and Billing departments over one weekend, raising concerns that these departments could not accommodate any time offline. The logistics and complexity of this particular job seemed daunting, but with some creative problem solving, were achievable by Workspace Innovations.

Rather than taking the approach of tearing down their existing furniture and setting it all back up for them over the course of one weekend, we presented the option to buy all new systems furniture so that we could get it installed the week prior to the move-in. This made the move itself much more manageable and we were able to get all departments moved with no downtime. Our skilled, swift, and thorough crews coordinated with CRMC’s IT department at 3:00 pm on a Friday, and we pulled out on Sunday leaving only IT to come in behind us to connect the computers that we had placed. Everyone was up and running the following Monday morning, with no downtime or interruption of workflow.

Open office spaces = Employee engagement

Open office spaces = Employee engagement

When moving their offices, an executive’s goals for designing new office spaces have changed. Creating an open, light-filled space, that provides a flexible office which accommodates open workspace 2
sitting, standing and easy access to “plug-and-play” power. It becomes mission critical to create an inspiring office spaces that facilitate innovation and allows users to quickly settle in and get right to work. The physical landscape of workspace innovation has transformed to support the ever evolving technologies and group collaboration. It is essential to offer a range of activity spaces to supplement assigned and unassigned workspaces.

The office of the future may not only be about technology or trappings as much as the exchange of ideas, with a focus on employee engagement–what some experts are calling the “new sustainability.” What’s becoming more important is the visual continuity so you can see someone all the way across the floor. It’s about staying involved and tapped into the breadth of the excitement of symbiosis and co-working–concepts that are causing even more walls to come down and hierarchies to flatten further.secretarial pools 60's

The open plan isn’t a new concept; to group employees of similar functions (in the 20th century it was secretaries). But over the decades, as corporate workers increasingly performed their tasks, they were insulated in offices and cubicles, working their way up to bigger and better spaces that signaled their new status within the company.

Technology companies have led the way in this new “open space” design transformation. The desire is for lifestyle amenities, such as billiard tables, a stocked open pantry and racquetball courts
with work areas that reflect the company’s needs for interaction and privacy. “Huddle areas” are replacing conference rooms and gatherings around staircases for “all hands on deck” meetings between multiple floors, is the new age way to rally the troops.

The Richards Group


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Per researchers, more than seventy-five per cent of offices have open plans now and the number is rapidly growing. In order to attract millennials, companies will have to follow the trend of technology companies in order to not fall short and lose MBA’s who see themselves as a social unit and do away with assigned desks in favor of work “neighborhoods” with couches, “hot” desks (those that are not assigned to a specific employee but can be reserved for mobile workers or whoever may need it) and even treadmill desks, noted as one of the most popular desks in the last three years.

Hospital Moving Takes a Special Skill Set

Hospital Moving Takes a Special Skill Set

Medical and hospital moving requires a special skill set.   It is critical that the delicate instruments used in hospitals be moved with care and speed to ensure minimal disruption to analytical programs. Our experienced moving technicians are KB4_4462well-trained and conscientious professionals. They regularly handle millions of dollars worth of lab equipment without so much as one item needing to be re-calibrated. Our talented team uses a specially designed proprietary system to relocate all  sensitive lab and computer equipment. While other firms can offer services in a specific area such as project management, relocation, asset management or FFE, Workspace Innovations is able to offer expertise in all these areas and more. Workspace Innovations’ ability to oversee and manage an entire project (from project management through completion of the punch list) is more cost effective for an owner than dividing these functions among several vendors. Workspace Innovations looks at the fine details and presents with automated inventory report -bar coding, crash cart assembly, asset management, medical image/file relocation (HIPPA compliant), storage of OFCI, OFVI, and OFOI medical equipment and much much more. Workspace Innovations even offers a wide range of recycling and reuse initiatives, collecting and reusing redundant furniture as well as new office space design and furnishings.Movers photo

Workspace Innovation’s expertise in managing large-scale projects assures our clients the confidence that each and every job will be done on time and within the moving budget. We sweat the details, so the customers never have to.  To plan a move of this scale, flexibility is key and multiple contingency plans are a must.  Many unforeseen instances will present themselves during the move.  We use a variety of types of building protection because we are fanatical about protecting your facility. A well-trained moving team composed of our management team, moving technicians and hospital staff will adjust to the “audible” and keep the hospital, medical clinic, and lab running and being productive. Our plan will keep downtime to a minimum while maximizing the hospital staff’s productivity.

Coordinating a hospital relocation is a highly complex procedure. One that will present you with a host of challenges to overcome. With no scope for error, you need to be sure that movements of hospital equipment and medicines, along with cleaning and hygiene control, are all synchronized with patient care. With Workspace UTSW exterior photoInnovations as your relocation specialist  you will have a key partner in planning and managing the logistics of your hospital or health center move. We build a project team that suits your individual requirements. With your own regular team of specialists who understand how to interact with your patients and staff, you will benefit from the consistency of our services across a wide and diverse health service infrastructure.


Recent Hospital relocation projects:

Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center – Poplar Bluff, Missouri  500,000 square feet

Owensboro Health Regional Hospital – Owensboro, Kentucky  1,000,000 square feet

Maine General Health – Augusta, Maine  600,000 square feet

Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital – Barrow, Arkansas  225,000 square feet

Henry J. Carter Specialty Hospital & Nursing Facility – Harlem, New York  225,000 square feet

Rand Memorial Hospital – Freeport, Bahamas – Placement, Installation & Assembly

Sutter Hospital – Santa Rosa, California  400,000 square feet

Biloxi VA Hospital – Biloxi, MS –  Multi year contract -Warehousing & Distribution, Relocation Svcs, Placement, Install & Assembly

UT Southwestern Medical Center – Dallas, Texas – 700,000 square feet

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Waxahachie, Texas – The new $175 million dollar 129 bed hospital opened on December 6th, 2014.

Sapper Monitor Arms Make Office Work Easier

Sapper Monitor Arms Make Office Work Easier

Sapper Monitor Arms from Workspace Innovations

We love the Sapper Monitor Arms made by Knoll that we use in our office, and it appears that others do, too.

Take a look at this review from Truly Indoors:

We can get Sapper Monitor Arms in any of the configurations. Give us a call or drop us a line and we can give you more information!

Office Design – Attracting Millennial Workers

Office Furniture - Open Office Design

As college campuses change their design to better accommodate the work and study habits of the millennial generation — those born in the 1980s and 1990s — the workplaces that hire the graduates are failing to keep up. Learn more about what drives this generation of workers and how to change your office design to ensure a more productive workforce.,0,0.storyoffice design

New Alliance with ELEMENTS

New Alliance with ELEMENTS

Workspace Innovations Forms Alliance with ELEMENTS

Northern Colorado, Wyoming to Benefit from Increased Products, Services

Workspace Innovations - ELEMENTS Alliance

Fort Collins, CO, August, 2013 – Workspace Innovations, the premier office space orchestrator for Northern Colorado and Wyoming, announced it has formed an alliance with ELEMENTS of Denver, a full-service interior products dealer that represents furniture by Knoll, HON, and other manufacturers; architectural products, and commercial flooring.

“The alliance with ELEMENTS enables us to expand our product offering and provide the Northern Colorado and Wyoming regions with premier products for office interiors,” said Mistene Nugent, principal at Workspace Innovations. “Leveraging our combined services and products gives us the ability to provide our customers with an all-inclusive, high quality experience,” she said.

“We are excited to have Workspace Innovations on board and feel our collaborative approach to activities within this region will strengthen our business goals and objectives, and further support our differentiation within the marketplace,” says Traci Lounsbury, principal at ELEMENTS.

Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, Workspace Innovations, Ltd. focuses on managing all aspects related to an office workspace environment including new and used furniture sales, furniture and interior product installation, asset management, and commercial relocation.

For more information on ELEMENTS:



Office Relocation

Office Relocation: Beyond Business Moving from Point A to Point B

When people hear part of our business has to do with business moving, they may assume it’s like residential moving – move all the contents of a business from Point A to Point B and the move is done.

At Workspace Innovations, many times we serve in a support role to a business’s facility manager and help move the contents of an office from one place to another. Banks and hospitals are two common types of businesses for which we provide relocation services.

Our job may involve packing up and moving all the medical equipment from one room in one hospital to another room in another hospital, where our crews unpack and set up the room so it’s ready for use.

Or our job may involve packing up and moving a modular office set up (think: cubicle) from one branch of a bank to another branch, where, again, our crews unpack and set it up so it’s ready to be occupied.

Another step in the moving process could involve moving the equipment or modular office from a location where it’s not in use to our storage facility until it’s needed again. If this is the case, and we end up storing many modular office pieces and a lot of medical equipment for a business, we can provide a service called AIM – Asset and Inventory Management.

With AIM, we barcode all the equipment that we bring into our storage facility and enter the information into the AIM computer system. The facility manager can access the entire inventory list over the Internet and even submit a work order to have specific equipment delivered to a specific place at a specific time, freeing up his or her time to take care of other things.

Workspace Innovations does indeed provide Point-A-to-Point-B office moves, so if your business is relocating, our project management and work crews can move all your office safely and efficiently. We can even help you design the workspace of your new office. But we can also support facility managers with moving and organization. If you need any kind of business moving help, give us a call. We help businesses from Colorado Springs to Denver to Fort Collins in Colorado and throughout Wyoming and beyond.

This Just In! Our Used Office Furniture Inventory is Growing!

This Just In! Our Used Office Furniture Inventory is Growing!

This Just In! Our Used Office Furniture Inventory Is Growing!

Looking for used office furniture for your home office or business? Workspace Innovations has yet another way to meet your needs! We are continually growing our used office furniture inventory and right now have many used office furniture options from cubicles, to seating, to desks, and files/storage and even coordinating used office sets! Stop by our showroom to see our used office furniture selection or view our full inventory on our website.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  We can find it for you!  Give us a call or stop in and we will find what you need!



Time For New Furniture? We’ve Got A Special For You!

Time For New Furniture? We’ve Got A Special For You!

Come one, come all to the buy one get one FREE- to infinity New Office Furniture sale at Workspace Innovations! Buy one at list price, get a second FREE- as many times as you like! Need 20 workstations? Buy 10, get 10 free! Need 2 tables? Buy 1 get 1 free! Need 50 Chairs? Buy 25, get 25 free! Come in and browse our New Office Furniture showroom today! Create your own color scheme for your new office, pick your fabrics, surface type, etc. Custom your order to fit your preference and save while doing it! Can’t make it in? Take a look at our website and click the services tab to browse our selection of furniture products/manufacturers we offer!

Hurry in today to take advantage of this offer while it still lasts!

Moving experts Nugent hope to rebrand with new name

Moving experts Nugent hope to rebrand with new name

The Coloradoan,
10:28 PM, Apr. 30, 2012
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Question: How long has Workspace Innovations been in business in Fort Collins and how did the company start?

Answer: We started the business as Nugent Moving Solutions in 2008 with a focus on commercial relocation.

After years of providing various services for businesses, Joe saw a need for a commercial-focused moving business providing exceptional service and an understanding of the unique needs of commercial customers. We began with one truck, some dollies and a few e-bins in the garage of our home. After a short stint in Loveland, we moved to our current location at Harmony Road and Interstate 25 in late 2010. In the past year, the business has grown rapidly due to increased visibility and a focus on customer service, quality work and great employees.

Q: Moving, whether moving offices or homes, is stressful for all involved. How does Workspace Innovations approach a corporate move?

A: The goal of Workspace Innovations is to create hassle-free and stress-free workspace transitions for our customers. Whether the office is expanding, relocating or simply adding new furniture, our staff works with the customer to identify possible pitfalls before they occur.

Significant planning and design goes into each process, and we work with our customers to make sure their specific business needs are met.

Q: The company is adding more services, including office design and equipment. Explain that move.

A: We offer not only relocation services, but new and used office furniture sales, workspace design and installation, and asset and inventory management.

Anyone can drop by our showroom to browse through new and used office furniture and systems products from various vendors. We then can design a workspace layout for their new furniture or even redesign existing spaces to optimize workflow and productivity. Our certified technicians can install the furniture per the design specifications. Our Asset and Inventory Management, or AIM, service is unique. It allows us to make customers’ lives easier by helping them manage their inventory, which can be anything from systems furniture to ATM machines to medical equipment. We can manage a customer’s inventory in our warehouse, or on their site, and give them online access to view it on their own secure website. And, of course, we still offer commercial relocation services, featuring our environmentally friendly e-bins. With our expanded offerings, we can serve as one point of contact for all of our customers’ workspace needs, saving them time and money in the process. We like to say that we are “all things workspaces.”

Q: You are changing your name and business model. Why are you making that move and what does this bring to the company?

A: We aren’t really changing our business model but changing our name to better represent what we do. With the name Nugent Moving Solutions, customers did not understand that we had so much to offer – we often heard things like, “I didn’t know you sold office furniture; I thought you were just a mover.” While we had built a brand name around Nugent, we were limiting ourselves and our ability to grow the business. We believe that Workspace Innovations better captures what we do – we are a full-service workspace provider.

Q: How does the economy affect office moves, building moves and the purchase of new equipment such as office furniture?

A: In the past, most customers chose to purchase new furniture for their offices. Now many customers will look first at our used furniture inventory before making a decision. One of the fallouts of a weak economy is that there is a greater supply of used furniture as businesses are downsizing or closing altogether. In regards to the actual relocations of offices, we consult with our customers on how to be the most efficient in their relocation processes. If they can do simple things, such as not moving unnecessary documents, out of service equipment or unneeded furniture, they can save real dollars.

Q: What’s the biggest mistake companies make during major or small moves?

A: First, many customers wait too long to arrange for furniture purchases or to schedule relocations. Pur-chasing new office furniture can be a big expense, and you need to make sure that you plan enough time to look at the many options available to fit your specific business need and budget.

Second, basing decisions solely on price is risky in all aspects of business. Many companies will offer, on the surface, products or services that appear to be the most affordable option. However, when it comes down to it, the total cost in time actually might be higher due to not understanding the needs and desires of the customer. Workspace Innovations’ staff constantly communicates with our customers so we can best respond to their specific needs and offer them what they are truly looking for: trust, communication and value for their purchases.