Medical and hospital moving requires a special skill set.   It is critical that the delicate instruments used in hospitals be moved with care and speed to ensure minimal disruption to analytical programs. Our experienced moving technicians are KB4_4462well-trained and conscientious professionals. They regularly handle millions of dollars worth of lab equipment without so much as one item needing to be re-calibrated. Our talented team uses a specially designed proprietary system to relocate all  sensitive lab and computer equipment. While other firms can offer services in a specific area such as project management, relocation, asset management or FFE, Workspace Innovations is able to offer expertise in all these areas and more. Workspace Innovations’ ability to oversee and manage an entire project (from project management through completion of the punch list) is more cost effective for an owner than dividing these functions among several vendors. Workspace Innovations looks at the fine details and presents with automated inventory report -bar coding, crash cart assembly, asset management, medical image/file relocation (HIPPA compliant), storage of OFCI, OFVI, and OFOI medical equipment and much much more. Workspace Innovations even offers a wide range of recycling and reuse initiatives, collecting and reusing redundant furniture as well as new office space design and furnishings.Movers photo

Workspace Innovation’s expertise in managing large-scale projects assures our clients the confidence that each and every job will be done on time and within the moving budget. We sweat the details, so the customers never have to.  To plan a move of this scale, flexibility is key and multiple contingency plans are a must.  Many unforeseen instances will present themselves during the move.  We use a variety of types of building protection because we are fanatical about protecting your facility. A well-trained moving team composed of our management team, moving technicians and hospital staff will adjust to the “audible” and keep the hospital, medical clinic, and lab running and being productive. Our plan will keep downtime to a minimum while maximizing the hospital staff’s productivity.

Coordinating a hospital relocation is a highly complex procedure. One that will present you with a host of challenges to overcome. With no scope for error, you need to be sure that movements of hospital equipment and medicines, along with cleaning and hygiene control, are all synchronized with patient care. With Workspace UTSW exterior photoInnovations as your relocation specialist  you will have a key partner in planning and managing the logistics of your hospital or health center move. We build a project team that suits your individual requirements. With your own regular team of specialists who understand how to interact with your patients and staff, you will benefit from the consistency of our services across a wide and diverse health service infrastructure.


Recent Hospital relocation projects:

Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center – Poplar Bluff, Missouri  500,000 square feet

Owensboro Health Regional Hospital – Owensboro, Kentucky  1,000,000 square feet

Maine General Health – Augusta, Maine  600,000 square feet

Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital – Barrow, Arkansas  225,000 square feet

Henry J. Carter Specialty Hospital & Nursing Facility – Harlem, New York  225,000 square feet

Rand Memorial Hospital – Freeport, Bahamas – Placement, Installation & Assembly

Sutter Hospital – Santa Rosa, California  400,000 square feet

Biloxi VA Hospital – Biloxi, MS –  Multi year contract -Warehousing & Distribution, Relocation Svcs, Placement, Install & Assembly

UT Southwestern Medical Center – Dallas, Texas – 700,000 square feet

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Waxahachie, Texas – The new $175 million dollar 129 bed hospital opened on December 6th, 2014.