Asset and Inventory Management - Workspace Innovations

Our Asset and Inventory Management (AIM) system powered by Windfall helps you track what you own and where it’s located. This asset management system is perfect for move management or for general inventory purposes.

  • Track and manage your physical assets (furniture, medical equipment, other valuable physical equipment) located either at our warehouse or at your location.
  • Understand what’s included in your inventory and where it’s located. This can prevent you from purchasing the same or similar equipment that you didn’t know you already had.
  • Categorize the furniture and office systems you have in storage to make it easy to redeploy into new workspaces as needed.

AIM is perfect for inventory tracking for companies that frequently relocate employees or expand and contract workforces on a regular basis.

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See our Asset and Inventory Management Demo:

Asset and Inventory Management Demo – Coming Soon